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Barbara Bombachini

Professional freelance photographer from São Paulo, Brazil, currently living on London, Ontario.

She fell in love by adventures when she backpacked by her own for one sabbatical year throughout Latin America. She returned aiming to use photography as a reflection of our society, as her outmost personal and artistic expression, developing documentary projects and dialogic stories, exploring new visibilities and expressing aesthetically what she sees in the world.

After graduating in Photography Processes on 2009 and working for 4 years as a Product Specialist and Professional Market rep for Canon Brazil, she’s taking a new step as an Interactive Designer and Media Producer.

We aim to capture the quintessence of the moments we see in front of our eyes. We live to create outstanding imagetic material and more than that, make all those moments unforgettable. We are people that really believe that love and respect comes in first place and we always give our best in everything that we are compromised with.