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Barbara Bombachini

Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about me. I'm a freelance photographer from São Paulo, Brazil, currently living in London, Ontario.

I love new adventures and challenges. After one sabbatical year traveling throughout South America, I've returned sure that I wanted to become a photographer and use my images as a reflection of my place in the society, as my utmost personal and artistic expression, exploring new visual possibilities and expressing aesthetically what I see in the world.

I've graduated from Photography Processes on 2009 and Interactive Media Design on 2018, I've also worked for 4 years as a Product Specialist and Professional Market rep for Canon Brazil. I'm open for freelance photography assignments.

I live to create outstanding images and I try to translate emotions into visual memory, making those moments unforgettable. I really believe that love and respect comes first, and I always give my best in everything that I am committed.